Roster includes most starters and key reserves. Starters are marked with an asterisk (*). Read more about our data coverage.


Roster Table
Player Class Pos Summary
Mike Kennedy*QB58 Cmp, 136 Att, 683 Yds, 4 TD
Tim DurandoQB54 Cmp, 134 Att, 620 Yds, 1 TD
Dan DalyQB1 Cmp, 8 Att, 4 Yds, 0 TD
Vince Williams*RB183 Att, 842 Yds, 4.6 Avg
Ed Radcliff*RB76 Att, 257 Yds, 3.4 Avg
Jeff WoodRB94 Att, 347 Yds, 3.7 Avg
Reggie YoungRB59 Att, 161 Yds, 2.7 Avg
Dwight RobertsonRB58 Att, 300 Yds, 5.2 Avg
Rich CloughRB7 Att, 10 Yds, 1.4 Avg
Curt RenstromRB1 Att, 7 Yds, 7.0 Avg
Curt Jackson*WR21 Rec, 237 Yds, 11.3 Avg
Paul Bachtold*WR18 Rec, 310 Yds, 17.2 Avg
Don ColemanWR3 Rec, 101 Yds, 33.7 Avg
Ken PageWR5 Rec, 35 Yds, 7.0 Avg
Rourke LoweWR1 Rec, 11 Yds, 11.0 Avg
Jon BrosterhousWR7 Rec, 89 Yds, 12.7 Avg
Tim Beyer*TE14 Rec, 113 Yds, 8.1 Avg
Dan ClarkTE5 Rec, 50 Yds, 10.0 Avg
Kevin Anderson*OL
Steve Greatwood*OL
Bill Hoffman*OL
Steve Kleffner*OL
Pete Laughlin*OL
Mike DelegatoOL
Jamey MathewsOL
Pat McDougallOL
Pat EnglishK
Terry Dion*DL
Neil Elshire*DL
Vince Goldsmith*DL
Scott Setterlund*DL
Mike KeslerDL
Bruce Beekley*LB
Mike Berkich*LB
Willie Blasher*LB
Bryan HinkleLB
Kenny Bryant*DB
Jerome Covington*DB
Rick Hudnell*DB
Mike Nolan*DB
Jim JohnsonDB
Rock RichmondDB
Mike BabbP