Roster includes most starters and key reserves. Starters are marked with an asterisk (*). Read more about our data coverage.


Roster Table
Player Class Pos Summary
Mike Barnes*QB49 Cmp, 128 Att, 710 Yds, 4 TD
Mike BrundageQB25 Cmp, 64 Att, 312 Yds, 2 TD
Tom TrovatoQB9 Cmp, 20 Att, 151 Yds, 1 TD
Eric OlsonQB9 Cmp, 16 Att, 147 Yds, 0 TD
Steve Jones*RB158 Att, 542 Yds, 3.4 Avg
Scott Cress*RB36 Att, 106 Yds, 2.9 Avg
Arlan Elms*RB24 Att, 89 Yds, 3.7 Avg
Claxton WelchRB50 Att, 196 Yds, 3.9 Avg
Kent GroteRB20 Att, 104 Yds, 5.2 Avg
John BullerRB14 Att, 52 Yds, 3.7 Avg
Roger SmithRB9 Att, 55 Yds, 6.1 Avg
Denny SchulerRB9 Att, 38 Yds, 4.2 Avg
Steve Bunker*WR23 Rec, 272 Yds, 11.8 Avg
Lachlan HeronWR10 Rec, 208 Yds, 20.8 Avg
Jim EvensonWR
Lefty Hendrickson*TE12 Rec, 165 Yds, 13.8 Avg
Steve ReinaTE6 Rec, 89 Yds, 14.8 Avg
Dan Archer*OL
Ross Carter*OL
Bill Smith*OL
Roger Stahlhut*OL
Warner Wong*OL
Jim NicolaisenOL
Tom WootonOL
George Dames*DL
Pat Helfrich*DL
Jeff MacRae*DL
Cam Molter*DL
Jack Rust*DL
Jim KollmannDL
Bob LawrenceDL
Harry Cartales*LB
Gunther Cunningham*LB
Omri Hildreth*LB
Ken Klein*DB
Jim Smith*DB
Tim Temple*DB
Les PalmDB
Jack SovereignP