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Search historical schedules and rankings back to the 1949-50 season.
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39 Wins, 49 Losses, .443 W%

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Query Results Table
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
2018-192018-11-10Idaho State@Boise StateW72702
2016-172016-12-18Idaho State@Boise StateL5982-23
2011-122011-12-05Idaho State@Boise StateL5579-24
2009-102009-12-09Idaho StateBoise StateL6779-12
2008-092008-11-22Idaho State@Boise StateL8492-82
2007-082007-12-05Idaho StateBoise StateL6193-32
2006-072006-12-30Idaho State@Boise StateL4554-9
2005-062005-12-01Idaho StateBoise StateW88799
2004-052004-12-28Idaho State@Boise StateW64595
2003-042003-12-10Idaho StateBoise StateL7887-9
2002-032002-11-26Idaho State@Boise StateL7174-31
2000-012000-12-06Idaho StateBoise StateL6069-9
1999-001999-11-23Idaho State@Boise StateL5664-8
1998-991998-12-22Idaho StateBoise StateL6061-11
1998-991998-11-28Idaho State@Boise StateL4470-26
1997-981997-12-10Idaho State@Boise StateL5186-35
1997-981997-12-03Idaho StateBoise StateL6885-17
1996-971996-12-02Idaho StateBoise StateW75705
1995-961996-03-07Idaho StateBoise StateL5466-12
1995-961996-03-02Idaho State@Boise StateL6265-3
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
1995-961996-02-03Idaho StateBoise StateL5171-20
1994-951995-03-09Idaho StateBoise StateW65632
1994-951995-03-04Idaho State@Boise StateL7581-6
1994-951995-02-04Idaho StateBoise StateW786810
1993-941994-03-12Idaho State@Boise StateL8185-4
1993-941994-02-18Idaho State@Boise StateL6177-16
1993-941994-01-21Idaho StateBoise StateW79772
1992-931993-02-19Idaho State@Boise StateL7182-11
1992-931993-01-23Idaho StateBoise StateW66624
1991-921992-02-20Idaho StateBoise StateL7274-2
1991-921992-01-18Idaho State@Boise StateL6982-13
1990-911991-03-07Idaho StateBoise StateW73694
1990-911991-02-14Idaho State@Boise StateL6575-10
1990-911991-01-10Idaho StateBoise StateW716110
1990-911990-11-24Idaho State@Boise StateL6375-12
1989-901990-02-16Idaho State@Boise StateL6175-14
1989-901990-01-12Idaho StateBoise StateL5254-2
1989-901989-11-25Idaho State@Boise StateW724725
1988-891989-02-25Idaho State@Boise StateL5365-12
1988-891989-02-02Idaho StateBoise StateL5262-10
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
1988-891988-12-03Idaho State@Boise StateL4766-19
1987-881988-03-09Idaho StateBoise StateL5687-31
1987-881988-02-20Idaho State@Boise StateL5063-13
1987-881988-01-23Idaho StateBoise StateL5965-6
1987-881987-11-28Idaho State@Boise StateL4962-13
1986-871987-03-05Idaho StateBoise StateW78771
1986-871987-02-07Idaho StateBoise StateL5055-5
1986-871987-01-08Idaho State@Boise StateL6375-12
1986-871986-11-29Idaho State@Boise StateL4570-25
1985-861986-02-08Idaho State@Boise StateL6873-5
1985-861986-01-10Idaho StateBoise StateW724923
1985-861985-11-23Idaho State@Boise StateL5658-2
1984-851985-03-02Idaho StateBoise StateW78753
1984-851985-02-01Idaho State@Boise StateW73712
1984-851984-12-29Idaho State@Boise StateL5469-15
1983-841984-03-03Idaho State@Boise StateL6265-3
1983-841984-02-02Idaho StateBoise StateW85814
1982-831983-02-26Idaho StateBoise StateW81729
1982-831983-01-20Idaho State@Boise StateW775918
1981-821982-02-12Idaho StateBoise StateL6871-3
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
1981-821982-01-16Idaho State@Boise StateL8892-4
1980-811981-02-07Idaho StateBoise StateW67634
1980-811981-01-08Idaho State@Boise StateW64631
1979-801980-01-31Idaho State@Boise StateW47461
1979-801980-01-05Idaho StateBoise StateW655312
1978-791979-02-08Idaho StateBoise StateW988711
1978-791979-01-13Idaho StateBoise StateW81783
1977-781978-01-20Idaho State@Boise StateW846717
1977-781978-01-14Idaho StateBoise StateW88826
1976-771977-01-22Idaho State@Boise StateW998514
1976-771977-01-14Idaho StateBoise StateW736013
1975-761976-03-05Idaho StateBoise StateL8193-12
1975-761976-01-24Idaho StateBoise StateW80746
1975-761976-01-17Idaho State@Boise StateW71656
1974-751975-03-05Idaho StateBoise StateW1017328
1974-751975-01-18Idaho State@Boise StateL6468-4
1973-741974-03-01Idaho StateBoise StateW866620
1973-741974-01-25Idaho State@Boise StateW75678
1973-741973-12-29Idaho State@Boise StateL5357-4
1973-741973-12-15Idaho StateBoise StateW73658
Year Date   Schl Rk.   Opp Rk.     PTS OPP MOV   OT
1972-731973-03-02Idaho StateBoise StateW82757
1972-731973-01-18Idaho State@Boise StateL6364-1
1972-731972-12-30Idaho State@Boise StateW82739
1972-731972-12-02Idaho StateBoise StateW876423
1971-721972-02-29Idaho StateBoise StateW947816
1971-721972-01-22Idaho StateBoise StateW756510
1971-721972-01-15Idaho State@Boise StateL8792-5
1971-721971-12-15Idaho State@Boise StateL7678-2
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