Forfeits and Vacated Games

Type is the type of adjustment:

312 Cases

312 Cases Table
Season School Conf Type Orig W-L Adj W-L Notes
2018-19Stephen F. AustinSouthlandV14-16 (7-11)0-16 (0-11)14G reg. season vacated (14W)
2017-18ConnecticutAACV14-18 (7-11)0-1 (0-0)all games vacated except one loss
2017-18KansasBig 12V31-8 (13-5)16-8 (5-5)11G reg. season vacated (11W total, 8W conf.); 4G NCAA tournament vacated (4W)
2017-18Savannah StateMEACV15-17 (12-4)5-1710G reg. season vacated (10W)
2017-18Stephen F. AustinSouthlandV28-7 (14-4)0-7 (0-4)28G reg. season vacated (28W)
2016-17Brigham YoungWCCV22-12 (12-6)0-12 (0-6)22G reg. season vacated (22W)
2016-17ConnecticutAACV16-17 (9-9)0-0 (0-0)all games vacated
2016-17Stephen F. AustinSouthlandV18-15 (12-6)0-15 (0-6)18G reg. season vacated (18W)
2015-16Brigham YoungWCCV26-11 (13-5)1-11 (0-5)22G reg. season vacated (22W); 3G NIT vacated (3W)
2015-16Stephen F. AustinSouthlandV28-6 (18-0)0-6 (0-0)27G reg. season vacated (28W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W)
2014-15LouisvilleAACV27-9 (12-6)0-9 (0-6)24G reg. season vacated (24W); 12G conf. vacated (12W); 3G NCAA Tourn. vacated (3W)
2014-15Northern ColoradoBig SkyV15-15 (10-8)0-0 (0-0)30G reg. season vacated (15W-15L)
2014-15Savannah StateMEACV9-22 (5-11)6-223G reg. season vacated (3W)
2014-15Southern MississippiCUSAV9-203-206G reg. season vacated (6W)
2014-15Stephen F. AustinSouthlandV29-5 (17-1)0-5 (0-1)28G reg. season vacated (28W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W)
2013-14HawaiiBig WestV20-110-1120G reg. season vacated (20W)
2013-14LouisvilleAACV31-6 (15-3)0-6 (0-3)29G reg. season vacated (29W); 15G conf. vacated (15W); 2G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W)
2013-14Northern ColoradoBig SkyV18-14 (11-9)0-0 (0-0)32G reg. season vacated (18W-14L)
2013-14Savannah StateMEACV13-19 (10-6)0-19 (0-6)13G reg. season vacated (13W)
2013-14Southern MethodistAACV27-100-1023G reg. season vacated (23W); 4G NIT vacated (4W)
2013-14Southern MississippiCUSAV29-70-727G reg. season vacated (27W); 2G NIT vacated (2W)
2012-13HawaiiBig WestV17-151-1516G reg. season vacated (16W)
2012-13LouisvilleBig EastV35-5 (14-4)0-5 (0-4)29G reg. season vacated (29W); 14G conf. vacated (14W); 6G NCAA Tourn. vacated (6W)
2012-13North Carolina CentralMEACV22-9 (15-1)6-9 (2-1)16G reg. season vacated (16W); 14G conf. vacated (14W)
2012-13Northern ColoradoBig SkyV13-18 (10-10)0-0 (0-0)31G reg. season vacated (13W-18L)
2012-13Southern MississippiCUSAV27-100-1025G reg. season vacated (25W); 2G NIT vacated (2W)
2011-12LouisvilleBig EastV30-10 (10-8)0-10 (0-8)26G reg. season vacated (26W); 10G conf. vacated (10W); 4G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W)
2011-12Northern ColoradoBig SkyV9-19 (5-11)0-0 (0-0)28G reg. season vacated (9W-19L)
2011-12SyracuseBig EastV34-30-331G reg. season vacated (31W); 3G NCAA Tourn. vacated (3W)
2010-11UCFCUSAV21-120-1221G reg. season vacated (21W)
2010-11Northern ColoradoBig SkyV21-11 (13-3)0-0 (0-0)31G reg. season vacated (21W-10L); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2010-11SyracuseBig EastV27-820-86G reg. season vacated (6W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W)
2009-10UCFCUSAV15-170-1715G reg. season vacated (15W)
2009-10OklahomaBig 12V13-180-1813G reg. season vacated (13W)
2008-09UCFCUSAV17-140-1417G reg. season vacated (17W)
2008-09Georgia SouthernSouthernV8-221-227G reg. season vacated (7W)
2007-08ArizonaPac-10V19-150-1419G reg. season vacated (19W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2007-08Georgia SouthernSouthernV20-120-1220G reg. season vacated (20W)
2007-08MemphisCUSAV38-20-133G reg. season vacated (33W); 6G NCAA Tourn. vacated (5W-1L)
2007-08Southeast Missouri StateOVCV12-191-1911G reg. season vacated (11W)
2007-08Southern CaliforniaPac-10V21-120-1121G reg. season vacated (21W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2006-07Arkansas StateSun BeltV18-153-1515G reg. season vacated (15W)
2006-07Florida StateACCV22-130-1320G reg. season vacated (20W); 2G NIT vacated (2W)
2006-07SyracuseBig EastV24-112-1122G reg. season vacated (22W)
2005-06Arkansas StateSun BeltV12-180-1812G reg. season vacated (12W)
2005-06Florida InternationalSun BeltV8-201-207G reg. season vacated (7W)
2005-06Long Beach StateBig WestV18-120-1218G reg. season vacated (18W)
2005-06SyracuseBig EastV23-120-1223G reg. season vacated (23W)
2004-05AmericanPatriotCF (8-6) (9-5)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05Arkansas-Pine BluffSWACCF (5-13) (6-12)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05ArmyPatriotCF (1-13) (2-12)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05BucknellPatriotCF (10-4) (11-3)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05ColgatePatriotCF (7-7) (8-6)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05Florida InternationalSun BeltV13-170-1713G reg. season vacated (13W)
2004-05Jackson StateSWACCF (10-8) (11-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05LafayettePatriotCF (5-9) (6-8)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05LehighPatriotCF (7-7) (1-13)6L by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05LouisianaSun BeltV20-113-1017G reg. season vacated (17W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2004-05NavyPatriotCF (5-9) (6-8)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05Prairie ViewSWACCF (5-13) (6-12)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2004-05SyracuseBig EastV27-712-715G reg. season vacated (15W)
2004-05Texas SouthernSWACCF (8-9) (5-12)3L by forfeit (conf. only)
2003-04Florida InternationalSun BeltV5-220-225G reg. season vacated (5W)
2003-04IUPUIMid-ContV21-113-1118G reg. season vacated (18W)
2003-04LouisianaSun BeltV20-96-814G reg. season vacated (14W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2003-04St. John's (NY)Big EastV6-212-214G reg. season vacated (4W)
2002-03DaytonA-10CF (14-2) (14-2)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03DuquesneA-10CF (3-13) (4-12)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03Florida InternationalSun BeltV8-211-217G reg. season vacated (7W)
2002-03FordhamA-10CF (1-15) (3-13)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03La SalleA-10CF (5-11) (6-10)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03MassachusettsA-10CF (6-10) (6-10)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03Rhode IslandA-10CF (9-7) (10-6)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03RichmondA-10CF (9-7) (10-6)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03St. BonaventureA-10V/CF13-14 (7-9)1-14 (1-15)12G reg. season vacated (12W); 8L by forfeit (conf. only)
2002-03St. John's (NY)Big EastV21-131-1320G reg. season vacated (20W); NIT champ. vacated
2001-02GeorgiaSECV22-1021-92G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
2001-02Ohio StateBig TenV24-80-030G reg. season vacated (23W-7L); 2G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
2001-02St. John's (NY)Big EastV20-127-1113G reg. season vacated (13W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2000-01Fresno StateWACV26-79-717G reg. season vacated (17W)
2000-01Ohio StateBig TenV20-110-030G reg. season vacated (20W-10L); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
2000-01St. John's (NY)Big EastV14-155-159G reg. season vacated (9W)
1999-00Fresno StateWACV24-1012-912G reg. season vacated (12W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1999-00Ohio StateBig TenV23-711-314G reg. season vacated (11W-3L); 2G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1998-99ArizonaPac-10V22-722-61G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1998-99Fresno StateWACV21-121-1220G reg. season vacated (20W)
1998-99MichiganBig TenV12-190-1912G reg. season vacated (12W)
1998-99Ohio StateBig TenV27-91-129G reg. season vacated (22W-7L); 5G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1998-99UCLAPac-10V22-922-81G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1997-98MichiganBig TenV25-90-824G reg. season vacated (24W); 2G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1997-98MinnesotaBig TenV20-1515-155G NIT vacated (5W) incl. NIT champ.
1997-98New Mexico StateBig WestV18-120-030G reg. season vacated (18W-12L)
1996-97MichiganBig TenV24-110-1124G reg. season vacated (24W); NIT champ. vacated
1996-97MinnesotaBig TenV31-427-35G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1996-97New Mexico StateBig WestV19-90-028G reg. season vacated (19W-9L)
1995-96ArizonaPac-10F26-7 (13-5)27-6 (14-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96Arizona StatePac-10F11-16 (6-12)12-15 (7-11)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96CaliforniaPac-10F/V17-11 (11-7)2-25 (2-16)15L by forfeit (9 conf.); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1995-96CharlotteCUSAF14-1515-141W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96ConnecticutBig EastV32-330-23G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1995-96DePaulCUSAF11-1812-171W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Holy CrossPatriotF16-1317-121W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Illinois-ChicagoMW CollF10-1811-171W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96IndianaBig TenF19-12 (12-6)20-11 (13-5)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96IowaBig TenF23-9 (11-7)24-8 (12-6)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96Iowa StateBig 8F24-925-81W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96MassachusettsA-10V35-231-15G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1995-96MichiganBig TenV/F20-12 (10-8)1-10 (11-7)20G reg. season vacated (20W); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L); 1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96MinnesotaBig TenV/F19-13 (10-8)20-10 (11-7)2G NIT vacated (1W-1L); 2W by forfeit (1 conf.)
1995-96Murray StateOVCF19-1020-91W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Northern ArizonaBig SkyF6-207-191W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96NorthwesternBig TenF7-20 (2-16)9-18 (4-14)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96Ohio StateBig TenF10-17 (3-15)12-15 (5-13)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96OklahomaBig 8F17-1318-121W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96OregonPac-10F16-13 (9-9)17-12 (10-8)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96Oregon StatePac-10F4-23 (2-16)6-21 (4-14)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96PurdueBig TenF/V26-6 (15-3)7-23 (6-12)18L by forfeit (9 conf.); 2G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1995-96San FranciscoWCCF15-1216-111W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Seton HallBig EastF12-1613-151W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Southern CaliforniaPac-10F11-19 (4-14)13-17 (6-12)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96StanfordPac-10F20-9 (12-6)21-8 (13-5)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96TCUSWCF15-1516-141W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Texas SouthernSWACF12-1413-131W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Texas TechSWCV30-228-13G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1995-96ValparaisoMid-ContF21-1122-101W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96Washington StatePac-10F17-12 (8-10)18-11 (9-9)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1995-96Western MichiganMACF15-1216-111W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1995-96WisconsinBig TenF17-15 (8-10)18-14 (9-9)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1994-95ArizonaPac-10F23-8 (13-5)24-7 (14-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1994-95Arizona StatePac-10V24-922-83G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1994-95Cal State NorthridgeAWCF8-209-191W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95CaliforniaPac-10F13-14 (5-13)0-27 (0-18)13L by forfeit (5 conf.)
1994-95CincinnatiGMWCF22-1223-111W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95ColumbiaIvyF4-225-211W by forfeit (conf.)
1994-95MinnesotaBig TenV/F19-1220-111G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L); 1W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95Northern ArizonaBig SkyF8-189-171W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95PacificBig WestF14-1315-121W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95San FranciscoWCCF10-1911-181W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95Southern CaliforniaPac-10F7-21 (2-16)9-19 (4-14)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1994-95Texas SouthernSWACF22-723-61W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1994-95UCLAPac-10F31-2 (16-2)32-1 (17-1)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1994-95WashingtonPac-10F9-18 (5-13)10-17 (6-12)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1993-94Boise StateBig SkyCF (7-7) (8-6)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94CampbellBig SouthCF (13-5) (14-4)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Charleston SouthernBig SouthCF (7-11) (8-10)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Coastal CarolinaBig SouthCF (10-8) (0-18)10L by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Eastern WashingtonBig SkyCF (0-14) (2-12)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94IdahoBig SkyCF (9-5) (10-4)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Idaho StateBig SkyCF (10-4) (11-3)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94LibertyBig SouthCF (12-6) (14-4)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Maryland-Baltimore CountyBig SouthCF (5-13) (6-12)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94MinnesotaBig TenV22-1321-122G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1993-94MissouriBig 8V28-425-34G NCAA Tourn. vacated (3W-1L)
1993-94MontanaBig SkyCF (6-8) (7-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Montana StateBig SkyCF (8-6) (0-14)8L by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94New Mexico StateBig WestV23-823-71G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1993-94UNC AshevilleBig SouthCF (1-17) (3-15)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Northern ArizonaBig SkyCF (6-8) (7-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94TowsonBig SouthCF (15-3) (16-2)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94Weber StateBig SkyCF (10-4) (11-3)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1993-94WinthropBig SouthCF (3-15) (5-13)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1992-93Coastal CarolinaBig SouthCF (12-4) (11-5)1L by forfeit (conf. only)
1992-93MichiganBig TenV31-50-426G reg. season vacated (26W); 6G NCAA Tourn. vacated (5W-1L)
1992-93New Mexico StateBig WestV26-825-72G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1992-93RadfordBig SouthCF (8-8) (9-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1991-92Little RockSun BeltCF (8-8) (9-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1991-92Louisiana TechSun BeltCF (12-4) (13-3)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1991-92MichiganBig TenV25-924-91G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W)
1991-92New Mexico StateBig WestV25-823-73G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1991-92New OrleansSun BeltCF (9-7) (8-8)1L by forfeit (conf. only)
1991-92Oklahoma StateBig 8F (8-6) (0-14)8L by forfeit (conf. only); not adjusted in official conf. record
1991-92Texas-Rio Grande ValleySun BeltCF (1-15) (0-16)1L by forfeit (conf. only)
1989-90ClemsonACCV26-924-83G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1988-89Bowling Green StateMACF12-16 (6-10)13-15 (7-9)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1988-89Central MichiganMACF12-16 (6-10)13-15 (7-9)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1988-89DavidsonIndF7-248-231W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1988-89DePaulIndV21-1220-112G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1988-89Eastern MichiganMACF16-13 (7-9)17-12 (8-8)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1988-89Kent StateMACF20-11 (11-5)21-10 (12-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1988-89Miami (OH)MACF13-15 (8-8)5-23 (1-15)8L by foreit (7 conf.)
1988-89Morgan StateMEACV16-1316-121L by forfeit (non-conf.) excluded from record (treated like vacated)
1988-89OhioMACF12-17 (5-11)13-16 (6-10)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1988-89ToledoMACF16-15 (9-7)18-13 (11-5)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1987-88DePaulIndV22-821-72G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1987-88FloridaSECV23-1222-112G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1987-88KentuckySECV27-625-53G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1987-88MarylandACCV18-1317-122G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1987-88NC StateACCV24-724-61G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1986-87AlabamaSECV28-526-43G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1986-87DePaulIndV28-326-23G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1986-87FloridaSECV23-1121-103G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1986-87MarshallSouthernV25-625-51G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1986-87NC StateACCV20-1520-141G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1985-86DePaulIndV18-1316-123G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1985-86Kansas StateBig 8CF (4-10) (0-14)4L by forfeit (conf. only)
1985-86MemphisMetroV28-627-52G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1984-85GeorgiaSECV22-921-82G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1984-85MemphisMetroV31-427-35G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1983-84MemphisMetroV26-724-63G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1983-84MichiganBig TenCF (10-8) (11-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1983-84Michigan StateBig TenCF (8-10) (9-11)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1983-84NorthwesternBig TenCF (5-13) (7-11)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1983-84WisconsinBig TenCF (4-14) (0-18)4L by forfeit (conf. only)
1982-83IowaBig TenCF (10-8) (11-7)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1982-83MemphisMetroV23-822-72G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1982-83MichiganBig TenCF (6-12) (7-11)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1982-83NorthwesternBig TenCF (7-11) (8-10)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1982-83WisconsinBig TenCF (3-15) (0-18)3L by forfeit (conf. only)
1981-82MemphisMetroV24-523-42G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1981-82MichiganBig TenCF (6-12) (7-11)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1981-82Michigan StateBig TenCF (6-12) (7-11)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1981-82NorthwesternBig TenCF (4-14) (5-13)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1981-82Oregon StatePac-10V25-523-43G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1981-82WisconsinBig TenCF (3-15) (0-18)3L by forfeit (conf. only)
1980-81Oregon StatePac-10V26-226-11G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1979-80Cal State FullertonPCAAF10-17 (4-10)12-15 (5-9)2W by forfeit (1 conf., 1 non-conf.)
1979-80UC IrvinePCAAF9-18 (1-13)11-16 (3-11)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1979-80UC Santa BarbaraPCAAF11-16 (5-9)0-27 (0-14)11L by forfeit (5 conf.)
1979-80ConnecticutBig EastF20-921-81W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80FordhamECACMF11-1712-161W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80GonzagaWCACCF (8-8) (10-6)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1979-80IonaECACMV29-528-42G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1979-80Kent StateMACF16-1110-176L by forfeit (non-conf.); imposed by school with no corresponding forfeit wins
1979-80Loyola MarymountWCACV/CF14-14 (10-6)14-13 (2-14)8L by forfeit (conf. only); 1G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1979-80Montana StateBig SkyF14-1215-111W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80Oregon StatePac-10V26-426-31G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1L)
1979-80PacificPCAAF15-1616-151W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80Saint Mary's (CA)WCACCF (9-7) (11-5)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1979-80San DiegoWCACCF (1-15) (2-14)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1979-80San Jose StatePCAAF17-12 (7-6)19-10 (9-4)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1979-80Santa ClaraWCACCF (8-8) (10-6)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1979-80SeattleWCACCF (7-9) (8-8)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1979-80Texas A&MSWCF26-827-71W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80UCLAPac-10V22-1017-96G NCAA Tourn. vacated (5W-1L)
1979-80UtahWACF18-1014-144L by forfeit (non-conf.)
1979-80Utah StatePCAAF18-919-81W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1978-79Boise StateBig SkyF11-1512-141W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1978-79UC IrvinePCAAF9-17 (3-11)11-15 (5-9)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1978-79UC Santa BarbaraPCAAF12-15 (6-8)0-27 (0-14)12L by forfeit (6 conf.)
1978-79Long Beach StatePCAAF16-12 (7-7)17-11 (8-6)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1978-79PepperdineWCACF22-1023-91W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1978-79San Jose StatePCAAF7-20 (4-10)9-18 (6-8)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1978-79Utah StatePCAAF19-11 (9-5)20-10 (10-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1977-78Mississippi Valley StateSWACF15-2016-191W by forfeit (non-conf.); NCAA did not adjust W-L record
1976-77Cleveland StateIndF10-1711-161W by forfeit (non-conf.); NCAA did not adjust W-L record
1976-77CornellIvyF8-189-171W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77Detroit MercyIndF25-426-31W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77IllinoisBig TenF14-16 (6-12)16-14 (8-10)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77IndianaBig TenF14-13 (9-9)16-11 (11-7)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77IowaBig TenF18-9 (10-8)20-7 (12-6)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77Iowa StateBig 8F7-208-191W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77Kansas StateBig 8F23-824-71W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77MarquetteIndF25-726-61W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77Michigan StateBig TenF10-17 (7-11)12-15 (9-9)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77MinnesotaBig TenF24-3 (15-3)0-27 (0-18)24L by forfeit (15 conf.)
1976-77MontanaBig SkyF18-8 (9-5)8-18 (6-8)11L by forfeit (3 conf.); 1W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77Montana StateBig SkyF9-17 (5-9)10-16 (6-8)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77NebraskaBig 8F15-1416-131W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77Northern ArizonaBig SkyF11-15 (3-11)13-13 (5-9)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77NorthwesternBig TenF7-20 (5-13)9-18 (7-11)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77Ohio StateBig TenF9-18 (4-14)11-16 (6-12)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77Oklahoma StateBig 8F10-176-214L by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77PurdueBig TenF19-9 (13-5)20-8 (14-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1976-77TulsaMVCF6-217-201W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77VermontIndF8-179-161W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1976-77WisconsinBig TenF9-18 (5-13)11-16 (7-11)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76Arizona StateWACF16-1117-101W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76CaliforniaPac-8F12-14 (4-10)13-13 (5-9)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76Florida StateIndF21-622-51W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76OregonPac-8F19-1120-101W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76Oregon StatePac-8F18-9 (10-4)3-24 (3-11)15L by forfeit (7 conf.)
1975-76PortlandIndF9-1810-171W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76Portland StateIndF17-1018-91W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76SeattleWCACF11-1612-151W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76Southern CaliforniaPac-8F11-16 (0-14)12-15 (1-13)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76StanfordPac-8F9-18 (3-11)11-16 (5-9)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76UCLAPac-8F27-5 (12-2)28-4 (13-1)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76Utah StateIndF12-1414-122W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1975-76WashingtonPac-8F22-6 (9-5)23-5 (10-4)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1975-76Washington StatePac-8F18-8 (8-6)19-7 (9-5)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1973-74RutgersIndF18-819-71W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1972-73Abilene ChristianSouthlandCF (2-10) (4-8)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1972-73Arkansas StateSouthlandCF (2-10) (4-8)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1972-73Austin PeayOVCV22-721-53G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-2L)
1972-73LamarSouthlandCF (4-8) (6-6)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1972-73Long Beach StatePCAAV26-324-23G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1972-73LouisianaSouthlandV/CF24-5 (12-0)23-3 (0-12)12L by forfeit (conf. only); 3G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-2L)
1972-73Louisiana TechSouthlandCF (8-4) (10-2)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1972-73McNeese StateSouthlandCF (8-4) (10-2)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1972-73UT ArlingtonSouthlandCF (6-6) (8-4)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1971-72Arkansas StateSouthlandCF (4-4) (5-3)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1971-72Florida StateIndF28-527-61L by forfeit (non-conf.)
1971-72HawaiiIndF23-424-31W by forfeit (non-conf.)
1971-72LamarSouthlandCF (6-2) (7-1)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1971-72Long Beach StatePCAAV25-423-33G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1971-72LouisianaSouthlandV/CF25-4 (8-0)23-3 (0-8)8L by forfeit (conf. only); 3G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1971-72Louisiana TechSouthlandCF (6-2) (8-0)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1971-72MinnesotaBig TenV18-717-62G NCAA Tourn. vacated (1W-1L)
1970-71Long Beach StatePCAAV24-522-43G NCAA Tourn. vacated (2W-1L)
1970-71VillanovaIndV27-723-65G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1970-71Western KentuckyOVCV24-620-55G NCAA Tourn. vacated (4W-1L)
1969-70Miami (OH)MACF15-9 (6-4)16-8 (7-3)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1969-70ToledoMACF15-9 (5-5)13-11 (3-7)2W by forfeit (conf.)
1969-70Western MichiganMACF5-18 (1-7)6-17 (2-8)1W by forfeit (conf.)
1960-61ColoradoBig 8CF (7-7) (1-13)6L by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61Iowa StateBig 8CF (6-8) (8-6)2W by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61Kansas StateBig 8CF (12-2) (13-1)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61MissouriBig 8CF (7-7) (8-6)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61NebraskaBig 8CF (4-10) (5-9)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61Oklahoma StateBig 8CF (8-6) (9-5)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
1960-61Saint Joseph'sMid-AtlV25-522-44G NCAA Tourn. vacated (3W-1L)
1952-53Northern ArizonaBIAACF (2-12) (3-11)1W by forfeit (conf. only)
9 Cases Table
Season School Conf Type Orig W-L Adj W-L Notes
2013-14Charleston SouthernBig SouthV8-22 (4-16)0-22 (0-16)8 wins (4 conf. wins) vacated
1999-00Kansas CityMid-ContV9-19 (4-12)0-19 (0-12)8 wins (4 conf. wins) vacated
1997-98Eastern WashingtonBig SkyV4-22 (2-14)0-22 (0-14)4 wins (2 conf. wins) vacated
1993-94Arizona StatePac-10F3-22 (1-16)4-22 (2-16)Forfeit win vs Washington State
1993-94Washington StatePac-10F8-18 (3-14)8-19 (3-15)Forfeit loss at Arizona State
1990-91LamarASCV29-4 (12-0)0-4 (0-0)29 wins (12 conf. wins) vacated
1989-90Eastern WashingtonBig SkyF11-16 (7-8)11-17 (7-9)Forfeit loss at Northern Arizona
1989-90Northern ArizonaBig SkyF10-17 (5-10)11-17 (6-10)Forfeit win vs Eastern Washington
1988-89Texas TechSWCF15-13 (8-7)16-13 (9-7)Forfeit win vs Baylor